Full Service Social Media Solution

The Molden Media team continuously strives to bring to you the best solutions for the problems you face as a modern day broadcaster. In some cases it requires cooperation to create these solutions. Consequently, we have joined forces with our partner SAM to build a complete social media application that lets you integrate the most popular social platforms into your shows. This will help you to engage your audience in a conversation, make them an active part of your broadcast, and increase their loyalty.

M2Social Admin

The base of this solution is our social media tool M2Social, which allows you to moderate comments and bring them to air or onto a screen in the studio. Via the online dashboard you can moderate the social media content, make alterations and tag certain comments as recommendations for the anchorperson or producer. M2Social also includes a mobile app for the iPad, which gives the anchorperson the opportunity to select comments for publishing on the fly and interact with the content.

M2Social iPad1

The integration with SAM adds a powerful search and management tool to our M2Social suite. SAM covers a multitude of social media platforms simultaneously and incorporates non-destructive filters to ensure the highest value of search results. Additionally, SAM offers a variety of management functionalities, such as the creation of stories, integration of maps, and easy curation tools.


Through the combination of SAM and M2Social, we try to reflect the common workflow of most broadcast environments, where the selection of content is part of the editorial work, while graphics and show control are left to the gallery. This ensures both high quality of social media content as well as perfect story flow.

For more information on the M2Social product suite, please refer to our website or contact us directly.



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