HSE24 Graphics and Workflow Redesign

Every now and then, it’s time for a change. This is not only true for every one of us, but also for big broadcasters, such as the shopping TV giant HSE24, who decided in early 2014 that it was time for a redesign of their entire appearance. The company, which runs five individual channels, not only chose to give the on-air graphics and websites a new look and feel, but also decided to upgrade their workflow to a centralized and easy to manage solution.

Molden Media and HSE24 share a long history. For many years now we have created their on-air graphics, so we happily took on the task of adjusting all templates to the new requirements given by the HSE24 design team. But this was only the beginning.


In 2013 we were commissioned to integrate the newly acquired Russian channel Shopping Live into the HSE24 workflow. We took this as an opportunity to introduce to HSE24 our playout and control software M2Control, an extremely flexible solution for content and graphics management. It allowed the editors at Shopping Live to easily create product rundowns for their shows, quickly adjust graphics if need be, and also offered a number of logging functionalities. The parent company in Germany was impressed by the new workflow and thus asked us to implement it group-wide for the relaunch in 2014.

M2Control now manages all three German channels of HSE24 as well as the subsidiaries in Italy and Russia. One great advantage of using one software solution for all locations is the connected approach. With M2Control we have implemented a new level of automation, making it possible for the smaller German channels HSE24 EXTRA and HSE24 TREND to easily access the taped programs of the main channel for reruns. Additionally, the controlling software monitors all channels simultaneously to ensure that programs don’t interfere with each other.

Although the changes we implemented might appear like a considerable break, one of the reasons that HSE24 chose to work with M2Control was their wish to maintain their established mode of operation. With M2Control we were able to reproduce the known HSE24 workflow while at the same time bringing their data processing and management capabilities to the next level.

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